What is an Actuary?

Actuary: Ranked as the #1 Job in 2013 for its high pay, comfortable work environment, and low unemployment rate.

Median pay for Actuaries is $87,000 per year with fully credentialed Actuaries often making six figures.#

“An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries provide expert assessments of financial security systems, with a focus on their complexity, their mathematics, and their mechanisms.” – Wikipedia.org

“We manage risk. The future is uncertain and full of risk. Risk is the chance that an undesirable event will occur, but risk is also opportunity. That’s where we come in.

Actuaries are experts in:

  • Evaluating the likelihood of future events—using numbers, not crystal balls.
  • Designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events.
  • Decreasing the impact of undesirable events that do occur.

We are the leading professionals in finding ways to manage risk. It takes a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge, and understanding of human behavior to manage today’s complex risks facing our society.”


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#Sources: Wall Street Journal and BLS.gov