What others have said about the Technical Skills Course

“Your course has been very helpful on brushing off some old skills while learning new ones. Thanks for creating these lessons!”

January 2014

“10 out of 10!”

December 2013

“I’ve just finished your premium course and I must say I’m very pleased with the knowledge I have acquired. Your explanations are great, the videos high quality and the assignments very useful.”

October 2013

“If you are student or an entry-level candidate and want to learn useful Excel, Excel VBA, SQL and Access skills, I have found actuwaiters.com to be a very useful resource. It is an online course taught by an FSA and provides lectures, practice exercises and video solutions on the aforementioned topics. As an entry-level candidate w/ 3 exams (P/1, FM/2 and MFE/3F) and no actuarial work experience that has been struggling to find a job, I feel that brushing up on these skills and being able to talk about them to a prospective employer might help me set myself apart from other entry-level candidates. I just wanted to let those of you in a similar situation to be able to take advantage of this learning opportunity.”

Christopher via Actuary.com
August 2013

“I am very proud of myself learning a lot about the actuarial fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, Excel VBA, SQL, and Microsoft Access [through the Technical Skills Course].”

August 2013

“After passing the probability exam, I was lucky to have an internship interview. However, I was not able to answer some of the software questions on sql and vba confidently. I did not get the job. Now, after taking this course and learn the basic materials, I am much more confident. With the materials, I can build much more onto it, and I am really thankful to have this such great opportunity. I strongly recommend to take this course for entry-level actuaries. This will build everything that you need to get an entry level job for actuaries. Two thumbs up! Thank you so much!!”

August 2013

“I really appreciated this course!”

July 2013

“Taught me technical skills I was never taught in college courses.”

May 2013

“This course taught me some fundamental software skills, that are truly related to actuaries with real life examples. Besides that, the documents and assignments that are attached are really useful.”

May 2013

“Great course introducing the basics of many common data manipulation methods; prepared me to do basic data manipulation with confidence and provided a solid foundation to build upon in the future.”

May 2013

“This is really AWESOME! Life saver, Need of hour, Essentially specific, Real time experience, Full bonanza package! Millions of thanks to you, the way you have designed it, it’s really incredible, surely going to help Big time to Entry level actuaries and more.  It really motivates me how you worked hard and dedication with pace!  I too highly recommend this course. Thank you once again for this awesome course. Thanks a lot. Cheers!” 

University of Mumbai, India
March 2013

“I wanted to say thanks and that this has been extremely helpful. I wish I would have found it a week earlier though as I had an interview last Tuesday and there were some technical questions I wasn’t able to answer since I had very little Excel experience. Oh well. I’d be able to answer them now no problem. I’ll definitely be ready for my next interview thanks to you… I feel it’s definitely worth the price. It gives you more than enough knowledge to get that entry level job which is what it’s advertising. You would spend a lot more money on a class for any of these programs alone and you would get a lot of info that has nothing to do with actuaries.” 

March 2013

“I think the courses are great, especially the assignments and video solutions.  It really helped me understand and apply the skills.”

College Student – Australia
March 2013

“I can honestly say that I’m on a much better track today toward becoming an Actuary because of your support, both through your tips and through Actuwaiters. You care a great deal about the success and education of aspiring actuaries the world over. Thank you for that. The selling point for me has been the follow up assignments for each module, problem sets that are modeled after real world actuarial applications…  the assignments both challenged and deepened my understanding of Excel, Access, and VBA especially. More importantly though it gave me a glimpse into how actuaries use these software programs to analyze data; which is something I have yet to find while sifting through a variety of texts on those subjects.” 

University of Oregon
March 2013

“This course provides a solid foundation in the world of Excel.  There are hundreds of functions and features, but through this course I was able to focus on the skills that are the most useful.  The assignments are very good, requiring me to stretch what I had learned and think creatively about how to use the skills.” 

March 2013

“The actuarial techniques I learned from these videos are applicable to more than just risk assessment. As a data analyst, I found these techniques to be very helpful when I tried to clean up my data set through MS Excel. The exercises are thoroughly explained, practical, and the questions are well presented. Overall, I am glad to found the Actuwaiters.”

Cornell University
March 2013

“Thank you for recommending me to the Actuwaiters website. I was surprised to see that there are many complex tools in Excel. I learned a lot from your videos.” 

Portland State University
March 2013