Idea: Helping out Non-Profits to gain experience

There are a lot of non-profit businesses out there needing help with their business issues (e.g. Reading Programs, Health clinics, Boys & Girls Clubs, Cancer Associations, Food Banks). Actuaries and people wanting to become Actuaries have potential to help them out. Developing simple metrics such as how many customers do they serve, what kind of customers are buying their products, is the price appropriate, what would sales look like if they tweaked this assumption?  They will enjoy the charts you create for them.  What about a database you build, but they can maintain and run monthly? If you are looking for experience, you can possibly reach out to these non-profits and see if you can perform some technical analysis. Your services may end up being free, but at least you can put it on your resume, gaining good practical experience for a great cause.

Of course, you will need technical skills to help these businesses out and promote yourself.  Sign up for the Technical Skills Course to gain an array of technical skills.