We live in a “Show and Tell” age

In this day and age, you need to be able to stand out. One way to do this is to actually do actuarial tasks before you get the actuarial job. You’ve study actuarial concepts if you have studied for the first few actuarial exams. Can you stretch yourself and apply those concepts to data available on the web? Once you have done some analysis, consider sharing it to the world.  Build a website and show what you can do. Someone is bound to notice your great work and will try to hire you.

Let’s take an example. There’s this individual who was curious about the actuarial exam progress of people. He pulled in all of the pass list data and compiled it into one database. From his website, people can enter in a name and the results are queried onto the webpage. This shows off his database skills and web design skills that can help a company out there. He was recently hired.

Where can you get data? There is a great source in data.gov. At this website, you can download thousands of datasets for free such as the Social Security Administration’s disability claim data. But you can also learn how to “scrape” a webpage of its data to create your own data. “Scraping” uses computer programing to build data as you define it.

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