Basic Excel for Actuaries

Have you ever wondered how Actuaries use Excel?  If you knew, you could speak about it intelligently at your next actuarial interview.  You’ve come to the right place!

The Basics of Excel for Actuaries

The Technical Skills Course shows you videos that applies various Excel techniques to real world actuarial work.  If you are new to the actuarial world, this will give you very valuable exposure to what actuaries do every day.

Course Format
The course is taught through a series of online video lectures where each video is about 5 minutes long. There is one assignment for you to work through applying various Excel techniques.

Visit the Technical Skills course now.

What others have said about the program
“The actuarial techniques I learned from these videos are applicable to more than just risk assessment. As a data analyst, I found these techniques to be very helpful when I tried to clean up my data set through MS Excel. The exercises are thoroughly explained, practical, and the questions are well presented. Overall, I am glad to found the Actuwaiters.”

Chamnan Sieng
MPA, Cornell University

“Thank you for recommending me to the Actuwaiters website. I was surprised to see that there are many complex tools in Excel. I learned a lot from your videos.”

Hoang Nquyen
Portland State University

“This course provides a solid foundation in the world of Excel.  There are hundreds of functions and features, but through this course I was able to focus on the skills that are the most useful.  The assignments are very good, requiring me to stretch what I had learned and think creatively about how to use the skills.”

Michael Meador
Career Changer