All-Around Course

The Actuwaiters All-Around Course is now the Technical Skills Course offered at The Infinite Actuary. Click here for more information.

This is the ONLY online course available that highlights and teaches you the necessary skills in Excel, VBA, Access, SQL, and SAS to be successful in the field of actuarial work.  Instead of going through general training and classes on these programs, where real world Actuarial work may not be the focus, you’ll the useful tools Actuaries need so you can easily speak to and demonstrate your skills in these programs.

Benefits from taking the All-Around course

  • Get six modules all in ONE course 1) Basic Excel for Actuaries, 2) Intermediate Excel for Actuaries, 3) Excel VBA for Actuaries, 4) Microsoft Access for Actuaries, 5) SQL for Actuaries and 6) SAS for Actuaries + BONUS material.
  • Save Time!  No mindlessly going through a general class or program, not knowing what applies to real-world actuarial work. We’ll cover what’s important to learn
  • For each module, you get Lectures,  an Assignment, and Video Solutions to that assignment
  • Get access to over 100 short, direct, easy to understand study clips (more will be added as time goes on)
  • Gain useful technical hands-on experience to speak upon during job interviews
  • Helps distinguish yourself from the competition with actual program application knowledge
  • Helps prepare you to tackle actuarial work from Day 1

Course Format
There are six modules with each having its own set of lectures, an assignment, a quiz, and video solutions for the assignment.  The lectures are taught through a series of online video lectures where each video is around 5 minutes. There are five assignments for you to work through applying various techniques.  See how these techniques are applied in an actual project!

“I wanted to say thanks and that this has been extremely helpful. I wish I would have found it a week earlier though as I had an interview last Tuesday and there were some technical questions I wasn’t able to answer since I had very little Excel experience. Oh well. I’d be able to answer them now no problem. I’ll definitely be ready for my next interview thanks to you.”

Jonathan Meier
March 2013

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Visit the Technical Skills Course website at The Infinite Actuary to answer all your questions.