For those who feel inactive

I’ve heard a lot of feedback about those who want to enter the actuarial profession, but they feel their “inactivity” has hurt them.

It’s been a tough job market the last few years. But things are really starting to turn around. The stock market is booming and you are starting to see entry level actuarial positions all over the country.

If you have been out of work for a while, I encourage you to stay active. Take actuarial exams, do volunteer work, and/or obtain a job in a related field that could be a stepping stone. If you can show progress toward your goal of becoming an actuary, that is great. If you are seen as just waiting around, that might not be good sign.

One thing to consider is getting a master’s degree in actuarial science. Maybe you graduated with a B.S. in a non math related field or maybe you don’t have an actuarial internship under your belt. Or maybe you have a poor GPA coming out of undergrad. Getting a master’s degree in actuarial science might not be a bad idea. You could boost your GPA and possibly get an internship through that program.

If you do indeed have free time, you should look to build up your technical skills, and the Technical Skills Course can help you. Sign up today.