Discover your strengths to focus your Actuarial Career

A great exercise for your actuarial career is to discover your strengths.  To discover my strengths, I read a book titled “Now, discover your strengths” by Marcus Buckingham.  This book allows you to take a survey and it picks out your five strongest strengths.  Mine are Strategy, Competition, Futuristic, Learner, and Focus.  Based on my strengths, I was able to create this innovative website to guide future Actuaries like yourself.

There are many types of Actuaries out there. You can strive to become a CEO or CFO someday where you drive home strategy and know how to run a business. You can be a technical expert and not manage anybody. For instance, you focus on calculating a reserve for Pension funds.  You can be a product development Actuary who thinks of new products to put on the market.  This is great for someone who is an entrepreneur and has a creative mind.  You can lead Underwriting where you focus on analyzing risk and implementing prices.  You can work for a consulting firm where you’ll work with various clients each day.  You can even start your own actuarial consulting firm.  There are even Actuaries who are also lawyers that work in the justice system.  There are also Actuaries who work in the medical field analyzing risk for a hospital.

There’s a great flavor of actuarial careers to choose from.  But a great initial step is to discover your natural strengths so you can put yourself in a position to succeed.

Sign up for the All-Around Course where you’ll learn the must-have technical skills to get that first Actuarial position.  Then you can be on your way to become an Actuary and choose the career type you want to be.