How do you fit in a “family”?

A question in a lot of people’s mind is can you really start a family while studying to become an Actuary? Again, there are Actuaries on both sides of the fence here. Personally, I’ve been engaged/married to my lovely wife since getting out of college. There were definitely huge sacrifices there. It is no joke how much you have to study. Often times, your significant other picks up the slack while you are studying before and after work. It may become taxing on your relationship. Having children while taking exams would be challenging on another level. Sure, your company will give you study time from work, but it often isn’t enough to pass your tests. You need to put in major time before and after work as well. Having a child will force you to study when you have the time allotted. But again, you may miss out on their childhood.  Personally, I didn’t have kids while taking exams. Other Actuaries have though, and they have made it work. The pace may be a bit slower to finish all the exams, but eventually they got there.  It is definitely something you need to think about when becoming an Actuary. Also, make sure you and your significant other are on the same page regarding the commitment you have to make to the profession.  You should discuss how much you need to study every sitting and how many years you’d expect until you finish all the actuarial exam requirements.  Best of luck!