10,000 hits!

It’s a great feeling that my blog got 10,000 hits! I made the blog because I wanted to give back to our aspiring Actuaries. I’ve given a bunch of talks at different universities and the same questions always came up about being an Actuary. I felt I could just put my thoughts in one place so you all can read it.

This whole thing brings me back to when I first met an Actuary. I was on a college business trip  to Australia and New Zealand. I called around to see if I could chat with a Chief Actuary. Luckily one of the them responded and I went up to his office. His advice to me at the time was to
“Finish my exams as fast I can, so I can begin my career.” I took that advice to heart. Obviously, you don’t really want to finish all your exams without being employed as an Actuarial Student, but it does feel great to be done with exams. Coming full circle, one of the All-Around students is from Australia. It is a great feeling.

Special shout-out to Michael M. for being the first All-Around student, to Adil for making the mention on LinkedIn, and to Buu for making this comment “thank you for creating the website. It’s so wonderful to see someone help pave the way for others. It’s obvious that you put a lot of effort an time into it.”  It is important to give back and help out our future. Thanks everyone for checking out the blog and best of luck in becoming an Actuary!  If you have a blog post question, submit it on the About page.