From an FSA, What courses to take while in College?

Becoming a well rounded Actuary takes more than just being good at Math. We do not sit at our desks doing math all day long. So while in College, I encourage you to take a few classes.  Here I list a few:

  • Take business classes such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics
  • Take Computer Programming classes such as Java, C++, Process Improvement, Database Management, Simulation, Algorithms, Data Analysis
  • Take Liberal Arts classes such as Public Speaking, Communications,  Human Psychology, Sociology, and English Writing
  • Of course don’t forget your Math classes such as Applied Statistics, Logic, Probability, and Calculus. You are likely good at math so you know how to get from point A (given assumptions) to point B (the final answer) by a sequence of steps. That is an important skill.

Most of us Actuaries work with other departments throughout a company so it is important we try to understand their point of view. The Liberal Arts classes help us become effective communicators.  We can do all the fancy math in the world, but if we cannot communicate those results to a non-technical audience, what is the point? Also, external factors such as the economy plays a crucial role in our actuarial models. It is important to understand the economy and human psychology and sociology to improve our models. I can teach you some of the technical skills you need to become an Actuary, join the Course.