Initial Steps to get that Internship or first Entry Level job

Getting that first internship or first entry level job may seem difficult.  I hope I can give you some tips that worked for me.

First off, I encourage you to put yourself in a good position to get hired. That means a few things.  1) Having some actuarial exams passed (at least 2 exams passed is a good number), 2) having a strong GPA and working toward a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, or Business, 3) having a strong and error proof resume, 4) practicing your interviewing skills, 5) having a variety of technical skills so you can do great work from day 1.

Once you have all of this down, I have a few more crucial strategies exclusively for my All Around Course students.  Sign up for my Technical Skills Course and I can share those with you.