Goal Setting

It look me a bit over 5 years to pass all the actuarial exams to obtain the FSA credential (Fellow of the Society of Actuaries).  My strategy was to get through my exams as fast I could and not waste time. I wanted to start a family.  Going through college and studying more after that for these tests was a lot to go through. From the very beginning, I listed all the exams and other requirements I had to pass to get the FSA. All of this was within an Excel document. With that I put down a projected finish date for each item.  This kept me on task toward my goal. I suggest you do the same. Envision your future and passing. Say “I’m going to be an FSA by age 28!” This is what worked for me.  Feel free to download my Excel template below:

Actuarial Goal Setting

Speaking of goals, one of them should be to have experience with the technological tools we use. Sign up for my courses and knock that item off your “To Do” List.