Actuarial Exam Seminars

I am a big fan of Actuarial Exam Seminars.  I know the trend is going more toward online seminars rather than live seminars, but both have value.  I went to live seminars for Exam 3/MLC (Life Contingencies), Exam 4/C (Construction of Actuarial Models), and FSA Exam AFE (Advanced Finance and Enterprise Risk Management).  Here is why I push for live seminars if you can attend.

  • It is difficult to get focused study time.  Often times, you need to just get away from everything and focus on the test for a week.  Live Seminars will do that for you.
  • You learn shortcuts that you just can’t get from the textbook.  You drill problem after problem for 5 days/ 8 hours per day.
  • You can ask questions to the instructor right there in person.

Online Seminars have their advantages too

  • You can study at your own pace. Rewind, fast forward, rewatch all of the tutorials.
  • You can have constant communication with the instructor through email.
  • You can watch video solutions to the exam problems as much as you want.

Both types are great. If you have the luxury to doing an online seminar and attending a live seminar, you will have a great shot at passing the actuarial exam.

They don’t teach technical skills at seminars, but you’ll need it to do your job. Sign up for one of my courses.